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All the roulette games here are tested and found secure, reliable and safe to play
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Live roulette at Unibet: the new thing:

Unibet offers live roulette streamed to your computer from a brick and mortar casino in Riga.
Attractive ladies are the croupiers at the roulette table.
You can see them live spinning the roulettewheel, shown on your computeer through live video-streaming in high quality.
You can even talk with them through a chatbox and the will answer you live!

Unibet casino offers also the socalled ‘Zero game’, ‘Orphelins’ and Final play, for even more excitement or risk spreading.
At this Zero game, you do bet on the zero and the adjacent numbers.
With Orphelins you bet with 5 chips on the combinations: 6+9, 14+17, 17+20, 31+34 and the number 1.
The last one counts as a straight bet and pays 35x, the rest are split-combinations and pay 17x
With Final play you bet on (combinations of) final numbers. For instance:
– Final 7 means you want to bet on the number 7, 17 and 27 (3 chips).
– Final 2 is betting on the numbers 2, 12, 22 and 32 (4 chips).
These bets are all “hidden” under the button at the right bottom.

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Dutch players best visit this site where they can play roulette: roulette spelen

Meer over roulette:
European roulette is the same as the well known French roulette spelen, it’s also the most played roulette game on the internet and very popular with loads of European players.